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The senior management team at A Child’s Place Learning Center takes a hands-on approach to the center. Our well-planned and distinct curriculum for all age groups helps your kids acquire age-appropriate education through activity-based learning.

All our teachers are qualified and carefully screened.

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(6 weeks-18 months)

The experienced teachers at A Child’s Place Learning Center nurture your child, care for his or her physical needs, maintain a safe environment and involve your baby in a healthy developmental curriculum. Our loving teachers enjoy getting to know each child and their personalities, to understand his or her individual needs and ensure a strong positive bond.

Your baby will thrive in our warm, safe and stimulating Infant Room, and they will receive all of the individual love and attention they need! We personalize care for your baby based on their unique schedule, nutritional guidelines, and any other special attention they require. We welcome parents to stop in at any time, including breastfeeding mothers who wish to breastfeed their baby during the day.

Between the cooing and cuddling, our passionate teachers enjoy guiding your baby into the wonderful world of language and offer endless opportunities for development and discovery.

As your baby enters the second year of life, he or she is full of wonder and curiosity, and a bundle of endless energy! We channel that energy into learning and fun! Learning experiences are designed to emphasize your child’s development, rather than specific age because all children grow and learn at their own pace, and in their unique way.

We teach your infants on their level, to stimulate and encourage creativity and imagination. We provide many opportunities to explore through play, songs, fingerplays, interactive reading, and sensory activities. Through simple daily interactions and learning experiences, we will help your child acquire new language and skills.

Socially, your child will begin to learn how to properly communicate through language and interact with peers, by taking turns, sharing, and being kind to one another. Your child will enjoy being in the company of other children and this interaction will advance their social and emotional development. Our Infant 2 program is a safe, secure, loving environment for your child to grow and learn. It is quite amazing to see the transformation!

Choosing a childcare center is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make. We understand your concerns and we want to make sure you leave our center each day knowing that your baby is happy, healthy, and safe.

(18 months-2 ½ years)

We provide a safe environment for exploration, excitement, and exercise to your toddlers. We channel their abundant energy into learning and fun! At this age, your child is growing and learning so much about their body and the wonderful world around them. Our loving teachers enjoy getting to know each child and their evolving personalities to ensure a strong bond and to make your child feel safe and comfortable in their environment.

At this age, toddlers have a language explosion and understand more than they say. The first few years of a child’s life are key to the development of speech, language, and cognitive skills. Our educated and experienced teachers will address the individual needs and abilities of each child, since all children grow and learn at their own pace, in their unique way. Through play, simple daily interactions and learning experiences, we will help your child acquire new language and skills.

In the toddler class, our curriculum consists of many interactive activities and it is designed to meet the needs of 18 to 36-month-old children, with a focus on understanding routines and developing independence.

Each day we enjoy circle time and focus on the fundamentals: recognizing shapes, colors, and letters, singing the alphabet and counting numbers 1-10. Monthly themes, daily story time, music, and art projects will spark their imagination and creativity while allowing your child to experience subjects that they are otherwise not exposed to, on a daily basis.

Socially, your child will have the opportunity to learn how to communicate properly through language and interact with peers, by taking turns, sharing, and being kind to one another. We will teach and guide your child with the necessary skills to express emotions through words, which helps them understand the feelings they are experiencing. Your child will thrive in our safe, fun and loving classroom environment and as we enjoy playing with your child, their creativity and imagination will grow!

(2 ½-4 years)

The preschool years are a time of great creativity and social growth. We plan a day full of fun and engaging experiences which are designed to stimulate your preschooler’s body and mind – and make learning fun.

At this age, school readiness becomes a priority. Our curriculum is focused on giving your child a solid foundation in the academic skills needed for Kindergarten and beyond.

The foundation of our preschool curriculum is The Pinnacle Curriculum, a nationally-recognized, state-approved program that helps your child develop the skills needed for school. We enhance this curriculum with the latest research into brain-based development.

Your preschooler will love all the planned, fun experiences in language, math, science, social studies, music and art – and so much more!

Goals of the Preschool Program:

1. Social-Emotional Development

  • Promote a sense of self.
  • Encourage responsibility for self and others.
  • Encourage social behavior.

2. Physical Development

  • Promote gross motor and fine motor skills.

3. Cognitive Development

  • Promote learning and problem-solving skills.
  • Encourage logical thinking.
  • Promote representational and symbolical thinking.

4. Language Development

  • Develop listening and speaking skills.
  • Grow reading and writing skills.

Our Pre-K program prepares your child for the challenges of Kindergarten. The program, using the nationally-recognized and state-approved Creative Curriculum®, provides fun experiences in language, math, science, social studies, music, and art. We build on your child’s interests to plan lessons that are both relevant and engaging.

And to help you and your child’s teacher measure success and ensure a successful transition into Kindergarten, we use the Brigance screening tool.

School-age children ages 5 to 10 years, enjoy their 'out of school' time at A Child’s Place Learning Center. Our goal is to provide opportunities for them to explore, discover, and achieve their greatest potential by offering activities related to a monthly theme.

The School-Age program is a well-rounded program that offers students daily experiences for them to have fun. Students have the freedom to make choices about the activities they engage in (dramatic arts, construction, music, science discovery, creative expression, reading, homework, problem solving and games, or just relaxing).

Our focus on safety with the children also extends into our transportation policies. For the convenience of parents, we provide transportation to and from some Reynoldsburg schools. Every driver completes a comprehensive driver training program before he can drive children. Each bus is equipped with child scan technology, which ensures that all children properly exit the bus. We want to ensure that your children are in the safest care when they are at A Child’s Place Learning Center.

When school is out, we provide a full day of fun activities for the school-age class. We also provide care when school is closed for weather-related issues. The center will remain open on such occasions. We do offer a summer program during the summer!